Demonophobia game


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  1. Tygohn 1 year ago

    ich mag deine vid und fotos

  2. Negis 1 year ago

    That's fair, but to me the fact that he has to sit there and explain it means that they didn't do a good job writing it so that the viewer could see it. It's such a cop out. In one episode she went from fuzzy bunnies to murder, death, kill. They should have used a couple extra episodes to really document her turn to complete madness, really use the writing to show how alone and lost she now feels. Instead we got like...what....5 minutes? They need to just be real and admit they got sloppy.

  3. Voodoojind 1 year ago

    First of all: All boobs are awesome!!!!

  4. Fezil
    Fezil 1 year ago

    No problem, I thought this was somewhat of an invitation to voice your

  5. Dall
    Dall 1 year ago

    The science community needs more able minded individuals. These teenagers are the future; the least they could of done was learn something very first before playing around

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